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Reference Sires:
++*B Old-English Kojack
limited semen available

         ADGA Genetics Database
             DOB: March 23, 2008 

        SS: SG ++*B Colquitt's Wolfman Jack

Sire: SGCH ++*B Old-English Jack's Son 

                   FS 8-04 EX91 EEE
             2007 Nat'l Show Premier Sire
        SD: SG Old-English Faun 2*M

        DS: +*B Colquitt's Jacob

Dam: GCH Old-English Irish Lilly 2*M 

                   FS 5-06 EX90 EEEE
    DD: GCH The Old-English Cinderella *M

LINEAR APPRAISAL daughter averages as of  2022:

 States    Herds    Daus    Appraisals    
      6             13       25              53           

AvgFS    PTAFS    Rel

  87.2        0.3         81


Kojack was sold in the 2008 Spotlight Sale and worked successfully at Redwood Hill Farm.   Some years later, we were SO excited to welcome Kojack back to Old English Saanens!!! A big thank-you to Redwood Hill Farm/Companeros/Sartyr Sannens for this wonderful opportunity.  We have so admired your beautiful Kojack daughters, most particularly the gorgeous 2012 ADGA National Grand Champion/Best Udder, GCH Sartyr Kojack Trevi 7*M, 2x 93 EEEE, 2-09 305 3540.  


Pre-NG, Kojack had 4 SGCH daughters, 1 SGCH son, 3GCH daughters, 1 GCH son, 1 CH son and 5 SG daughters.  We look forward to seeing this updated when ADGA's NG is capable to compile these data once again.


Use Kojack to increase stature, dairyness, style, width and levelness of rumps, and medials.  He also can reduce teat diameter.

++*B Old-English Kojack's  Daughters:

Sartyr Kojack Trevi.webp

SGCH  Sartyr Kojack Trevi 7*M 
               4-06 EX 93 EEEE
 2012 ADGA National Champion

             and Best Udder
       2-09  305  3540    93F  9


SGCH Old-English Fionna 6*M      3-04 92 EEEE
4-00 305 3400 112 3.3%BF 102 3.0%Pr


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