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Reference Sires:
SGCH++*B Old-English Jack's Son

semen available

ADGA Genetics Database
DOB: March 2, 2002

Sire: SG ++*B Colquitt's Wolfman Jack
    SS: Miss Willa's Nero Wolfe
    SD: SGCH Colquitt's Jenifer *M

             LA 2-00 EX 90 VEEE

Dam: Old-English Faun
    DS: SG +B Colquitt's Director 

             LA FS EX 92 EEE
         DSD: SGCH Colquitt's Stacy 2*M  

            LA EX 2-00 90 VEEE
    DD: The Old English Wendy 

            LA 5-03 EX 90 VEEE

    3-05 EX90 EEE
    8-04 EX91 EEE


Finally taken out of the barn and to the show rings in May of 2010 as an 8-year-old, Jack's Son finished his championship going 3x GCH and 2x BBIS!!!!

2007 ADGA National Show Premier Sire
2007 ADGA National Show, Jack's Son daughter SGCH Tatiana was 1st place 3-yr-old with 1st udder, then selected as the Best Uddered Saanen!

Numerous CH, GCH, and SGCH daughters
Sire of at least 9 does LA90 to 93 to date
Sire of at least 6 does with 305 day lactations over 3000 pounds milk

Sire to ++*B Old-English Kojack, who sired the 2012 ADGA National Grand Champion and best udder Saanen.

Jack's Son daughters are tall, long-bodied and extremely level over the topline as well as flat-boned and dairy with solidly attached mammary systems. Rear udders are high and wide, fore udders smoothly blended, medials strong. He can also reduce teat diameter.  Semen is available.

Some of SGCH ++*B Old-English Jack's Son's Daughters:


GCH Old-English Xamara 3*M

victoria_ 2yr_07_375h.jpg

Old-English Victoria


Old-English Yana 3*M


Old-English Yapeka - yrlg milker


Old-English Amora 5*M - 2 yr old 1st fr


SG Candy Lily Queen Susan 3*M

Some sons by
SGCH++*B Old-English Jack's Son:

SG +*B Old-English Finn owned by Willow Lane Farm, at least 3 SG daughters
+*B Old-English Lumber Jack semen available
dam to GCH Cherrypines Clemetine 3*M

GCH Cherrypines Clemetine 3*M

DOB: March 2008 - 
ADGA Genetics Database
LA 4-03 91 VEEE
FS 5-02 91 VEEE
2010 - 4x ResCH
2011 - 4x 1st, 2x GCH
2012 - 1x GCH

2013 - 1x ResCH 

3-04  305 3150 99 3.15%BF 96 3.05%Pr

SIRE: +*B Old-English Lumber Jack
   SS: SGCH ++*B Old-English Jack's Son
  SD: GCH Old-English Irish Lilly 2*M

             LA  5-6 EX90 EEEE  

DAM: GCH Cherrypines Ethel Sweetwater 2*M
           2007 ADGA Nat'l GCH
   DS: *B Kapra Vista Cochise Tom A Hawk 

  DD: GCH Cherrypines Samantha *M

*B Old-English Lumber Jack's first champion daughter out of the beautiful National Grand Champion, GCH Cherrypines Ethel Sweetwater! Clemetine is a very angular, dairy doe with a correct mammary system.  She has traded places with SGCH Yatiana through the years.  GCH Clemetine is dam to GCH Tigger.

++*B Old-English Kojack
IMG_3831 Tigger 3 yrs.jpg

GCH Cherrypines Tigger 4*M          

SGCH Sartyr Kojack Trevi 7*M 

                   4-06 EX 93 EEEE
2012 ADGA National Champion and Best Udder
       2-09  305  3540    93F  94P

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