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*B Old-English Blaine

ADGA Genetics Database
DOB: April 17, 2011


          SS: *B Old-English Yosemite Sam

             SSD:GCH Cherrypines Hooter 3*M

                          FS 5-04 EX90 EVEE 

Sire: *B Old-English White Oak 
       SD: SGCH Old-English Wild Flower 4*M

                         FS91 EEEE

            SDD: SG Old-English Remy 3*M

           (dam to SG Finn and SG Irwin)


          DS: *B Windsor Manor SK Foresight

DamSGCH Old-English Fontaine 3*M

                       FS EX90 VEEE
          DD: SGCH Old-English Felicity 3*M 

                        FS 88 EEEV
SGCH Old-English Fortuna 2*M 

                       FS EX90 EEEE
          DDDD: The Old-English Wendy

                      5-03 FS EX90 VEEE     


Blaine was a very well-bred buck with a daughter appraisal average of 87.8.  GCH Old-English Caprice 6*M is Blaine's nicest daughter to date.  She was 1st place 3 yr old at the 2015 Nat'ls.  She was also a member of the 1st dam and daughter at that show.

semen available $25/straw or 5/$100
Blaine daughter:
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