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GCH Old-English Caprice 6*M

Pictured as a 3 yr old 2nd freshener


ADGA Genetics Database
                       DOB: March 3, 2012

Sire: *B Old-English Blaine
     SS: GCH *B Old-English White Oak
     SD: SGCH Old-English Fontaine 4*M
          FS 5-03 90 VEEE
               6-01 90 VEEE

Dam: SGCH Old-English Arianna 5*M 5-02 92 EEEE
     DS: SG +B Loughlin's Dream Maker's Fox
     DD: SGCH Old-English Xstacy 4*M FS EX92 EEEE
          3-01 305 4240 141 3.3%BF 130 3.1%Pr
          2010 - Top Ten #5 milk, #10 butterfat, #2 protein

     1-01 270 1370 46 3.36%BF 46 3.36%Pr
     1-11 170 860 30 3.51%BF 29 3.39%Pr
     3-00 300 2470 82 3.32%BF 74 2.99%Pr
     4-01 246 2150 79 3.7%BF 65 3.0%Pr.

     5-00 301 2300 107 4.7%BF 82 3.60Pr

     1-02 86 VEV+
     3-03 90 VVEE

     5-03 90 EEEV

     2013 - shown 10x, 10x 1st, 1x ResCH
     2015 - 3x 1st, 3x GCH, 3x BDIS
     2015 ADGA National - 1st place 3-year-old, 2nd udder, member of 1st place Dam and Daughter

We are so excited about the first *B Old-English Blaine daughter to freshen. Caprice has a nice balance of power and dairyness along with very correct general appearance and mammary that made her unbeaten as a yearling milker. Caprice developed problems after freshening in 2014 and it was touch and go for a few weeks. Although she wasn't shown, appraised, and didn't milk well, it's OK, we are just SO happy she is on the road to recovery and look for better days for her in 2015. Update, Caprice has come back even better than what we hoped. She has finished her championship and has been 3x Best in Show over the special younger doe and maternal sister, SGCH Old-English Dianna 6*M, and then 1st place 3-year-old at the 2015 National Show.


Pictured as a 3-year-old winning Best Doe In Show while milked out.


Pictured as a milking yearling (Spring)

Pictured as a milking yearling (Summer)

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