SGCH +*B Old-English Finnian

ADGA Genetics Database

DOB: March 13, 2015


Sire: ++*B Old-English Kojack

              Sire to the 2012 ADGA Nat'l GCH
SS: SGCH ++*B Old-English Jack's Son  FS 8-04 EX91 EEE
2007 Nat'l Show Premier Sire
SSS: SG ++*B Colquitt's Wolfman Jack
SSD: SG Old-English Faun 2*M
SD: GCH Old-English Irish Lilly 2*M  FS 5-6 EX90 EEEE
SDS: +*B Colquitt's Jacob 

SDD: GCH The Old-English Cinderella *M


Dam: SGCH Old-English Arianna 5*M  FS 5-02 92 EEEE

           Dam to 1st Place 3 yr old 2015 National Show
          1st Place Dam and Daughter 2015 ADGA Nat'ls
          Dam to 2015 Spotlight Sale doeling

SS: SG +B Loughlin's Dream Maker's Fox

    Sire to at least 5 SG, GCH or SGCH daughters
SD: SGCH Old-English Xstacy 4*M  FS EX92 EEEE

                       Dam to 4 SGCH daughters
              3-01 305 4240 141 3.3%BF 130 3.1%Pr
2010 - Top Ten #5 milk,  #10 butterfat, #2 protein
SDD: SGCH Old-English Felicity 3*M EX90 VEEE
 SGCH Old-English Fortuna 2*M EX90 EEEE

SGCH Finnian +*B is littermate to SGCH Fionna (still in the herd) and GCH Fontanna, who was sold as a Spotlight Sale doe in 2015.  We have liked this kid from his first days and are so impressed by his productive daughters.  They excel in production, overall style, dairyness, level toplines and udder shape.  Finnian was closely related to much of the herd and used as much as we could, so he was sold to another herd.  Semen is available.
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