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SG Old-English Hedda *M
         SG Old-English Hedda *M as a 4 yr old

ADGA Genetics Database

DOB: February 25, 2016


Sire: SGCH +*B Old-English Finnian 3-04 EX90 EEEsemen available
SS: ++*B Old-English Kojack semen available

     Sire of 2012 ADGA Nat'l GCH
SD: SGCH Old-English Arianna 5*M EX92 EEEE

     Dam to 1st Place 3 yr old 2015 National Show
    1st Place Dam and Daughter 2015 ADGA Nat'ls

      Dam to 2015 Spotlight Sale doeling
Dam: Old-English Edda  (lost to mastitis as a 1st freshener)
DS: *B Old English Dexter
semen available

Sire to 3rd place, 2nd udder Yearling Milker 2015 ADGA Nat'ls
DD: Old-English Whitney 6-01 EX90 VEEV

         4-08 305 3410 106BF 95Pr
           5-08 305 3520  97BF 99Pr

     1-04 VG88 VVVE
     2-05 EX91 VEEE


     1-01 282 2660 95 3.6%BF 84 3.2%Pr
     2-01 305 3637 117 3.2%BF 107 2.9%Pr 

     3-00 299 3940 127 3.22BF 121 3.07%Pr

     4-01 286 3428 114  3.3%BF 103 3.0%Pr  


Lifetime to date:  1172 days 13,665# milk 453# BF 415# Pr



2019 - shown 7x, 1x ResCH, 1x 1st, 4x 2nd, 1x 3rd 1x 5th

We so admire Hedda's dairy frame and productivity.  She has shown her ability as a brood doe passing her strong qualities as well as improvements to her daughters.  Her 3 year old daughter, Old-English Klaire, sired by +*B Old-English Jaguar, is quite special.  She was shown twice and was 2x Best Jr doe in show in 2019 then freshened with a beautiful mammary.  Hedda's daughter Lena, who was sired by *B Old-English Keanu, is pictured on the reference doe page.  She is a lovely young doe and we look forward to seeing her mature in another herd.  Hedda is bred to a very correct young buckling, *B Old-English Justen for June kids.  
SG Old-English Hedda *M as a 3 year old
Pictured as a yearling milker
Pictured as a 2 year old
Pictured as a yearling milker
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