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+*B Willow-Lane EB Belaire                 semen available

ADGA Genetics Database
DOB: 3/21/2018
S: *B Tempo Passa Eleryx
SS: +*B Tempo Passa Eryx 
   Premier Sire 2019 Nat'ls
SD: SGCH des-Ruhigestelle Elenwe 5-04 91VEEE

D: CH Willow-Lane Bexley 3-03 91 EEVE
DS: SG Cisco DRL Juliana Mint 5-05 92 EEE
DD: SG Willow-Lane Bamboo

Belaire has a nice pedigree and we brought him in for an outcross buck.  While he usually shortens length of bone, there have been some nice udders to date.  His first daughters also are milking more than their dams.

Belaire daughters:


Old-English Lilianna 8*M

img_8482 Lexus2yr.jpg

Old-English Lexus 7*M


Old-English Lizabeth 3*M

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