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*B Tempo Passa Win Tor
semen available
ADGA Genetics Database

DOB: January 25, 2019

SS: Des-Ruhigestelle Elander
S: *B Tempo Passa Eltantor
SD: SGCH Des-Ruhigestelle Elenya 93 EEEE
2017 ADGA National GCH

DSS: ++*B Old-English Clinton
SG ++*B Des-Ruhigestelle Element
D:  SGCH Des-Ruhigestelle Winwalker 91 EEEE
2017 Res Nat'l GCH

DD: SGCH Des-Ruhigestelle Winclimber 94 EEEE
DDD: SGCH Des-Ruhigestelle Winseeker 93 EEEE
2005 ADGA National JrCH
          2008 ADGA National GCH and Best Udder
          2012 ADGA National 1st place Aged Doe


Win Tor is SGCH Des Ruhigestelle Winwalker's last offspring before her untimely demise.  Winwalker was littermate to dR Socialclimber, who sired an ADGA Nat'l GCH daughter.  Win Tor has not been generous with offspring but we are pleased with his daughters.
*B Tempo Passa Win Tor daughter, Old-English Merilla 3*M.
Other outstanding daughters include:
Old-English Marianna


1-00 305 2561 106 4.1%BF 81 3.2% Pr

1-11 194 2186 95 4.4%BF 66 3.0%Pr in progress

2021 1-03 VG88 VVEE (highest scoring yrlg in the herd)

Old-English Paisley 6*M
Old-English Piza 4*M
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