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*B Old-English Xibo
semen available

ADGA Genetics Database


DOB: February 22, 2018


Sire: GCH +*B Sartyr Drifter Treviator
SS: +*B Noble-Springs WMV Drifter
SD: SGCH Sartyr Kojack Trevi 7*M
       LA 4-06 EX 93 EEEE
2012 ADGA National Champion and Best Udder
       2-09 305 3540 93F 94P


Dam: SGCH Cisco V8 Xena 2*M

DS: *B Des-Ruhigestelle El Cid

DD: SGCH Cisco WWS Mango V8  *M
     2009 ADGA National GCH
     2008 ADGA Res National GCH

     6-03 EX92 EVEE

          3-03 EX91 EEEE

2021 6-05 EX91 EEEE

     2-01 231 2103 74 3.5%BF 60 2.9%Pr
     2-10 305 4266 161 3.8%BF 122 2.9%Pr

     3-11  302 4780 172 3.6%BF 141 2.95%Pr  

         2019 TOP TEN, #3 for milk, BF, and protein!

      test numbers in 2019 - 20.2#, 22.5#, 19.4#, 17#

     4-11 294 3525  120  3.40%BF 98  2.78%Pr in progress


Lifetime to date: 1142 days 14,787 # 531 # BF 425 # Pr



2016 - 1x JrCH, 1x ResJrCH, 1x BJDIS

2018 - 3x GCH, 1x BIS

2019 - shown 6x, 1x BOB, 2x ResCH, 4x 1st, 2x 2nd

SGCH Cisco V8 Xena 2*M, milked out,
dam to Xibo
 Xena was purchased in the 2016 Spotlight Sale in Austin, TX and is dam to the 2017 Spotlight Sale doeling and the 2019 Spotlight Sale buckling.  We are very pleased with this sweet, dairy, productive doe!  She is a very stylish with a long bone pattern thoughout.  Xena was # 3 Top Ten for milk, BF and protein in 2019.  We really like the beautiful Treviator daughters and were pleased to have retained this correct SGCH Xena x GCH Treviator son. 

Xibo daughters have been very sharp and angular with long necks and bone pattern throughout.  Production is good also.
Xibo daughter, Old-English Lucille
Xibo daughter, Old-English Lucille EX91 VEEE
Xibo daughter, Old-English Moira Rose 9*M
 1st freshening 2 yr old
Hawk's Nest Orange Blossom 
Xibo daughter, 2023 1st place 3yr old
at Orange County Fair
owned by  Jennifer Haas
Hawk's Nest Orange Blossom 
Xibo daughter, 2022 1st place 2yr old
and ResCh at San DiegoCounty Fair Jr show
owned by  Jennifer Haas
Xibo daughter, Old-English Noreen 9*M 86 VVVV 1st freshener
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