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Old-English Kristinna
Old-English Kristinna 7*M pictured as a milking yearling.
ADGA Genetics Database
DOB: March 16, 2018
S: +*B Companeros Titan Korathan semen available
SS: *B Vineyard View Titan
SD: Cisco OEJS Kazana Kokomo 
SDD:  GCH Cisco CSO Chard Kazana
          2011 and 2015 ADGA National GCH
D: SGCH Old-English Dianna 6*M  EX92 VEEE
                 3-01 305 3530 139F 102P
        Dam to 2017 ADGA Spotlight Sale buckling
DD: SGCH Old-English Arianna 5*M EX92 EEEE
          Dam to 1st Place 3 yr old 2015 National Show
          1st Place Dam and Daughter 2015 ADGA Nat'ls
          Dam to 2015 Spotlight Sale doeling
DS: +*B Des-Ruhigestelle Winnings Ways
DSD: SGCH des-Ruhigestelle Winseeker 3*M
                2008 ADGA National GCH


1-00 290 1982 68 3.43%BF 59 3.0% Pr

2-00 285 2889 98 3.40%BF 84 2.9%Pr

2-11 110 1025  45 4.39%BF 32 3.12%Pr in progress



2021  3-03 VG89 EVEV


2019: shown 6x, 1x 2nd, 4x 3rd, 1x 4th

In 2019, Kristinna was another tall, long and dairy yearling here at Old-English.  We love her length of bone pattern thoughout.  Love her long neck too!  Mammary attachments are strong in all aspects.  We like her dairy strength as it is a good combination of strength, power and dairyness.  
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