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*B Old-English Kieran
          ADGA Genetics Database
                   DOB: 4/9/20

    SS: +*B Tempo Passa Eleryx
S: *B Starlet Lace Eleryx Junmai
    SD: Starlet Lace Tusk Eysell 3*M
                4-07 91 VEEE

    DS: +*B Sartyr Drifter Treviator 5-03 EX91 EEE
Old-English Kimberly 2*M
               3-02 EX91 EEEE
    2-11 305 3910 119 3.05%BF 96 2.5%Pr

    DD: Old-English Harmony *M

   Junmai daughter:        

Old-English Meridian 9*M (pending)

                          pic as a 2 yr old

           daughter of GCH Old-English Hilda 2*M


2021  1-04 87 VEEV

2022  2-06 86 +EVE 

1-00 305 2787 91 3.3%BF 75 2.7 %Pr

2-00 172 2372 74 3.1%BF 66 2.8%Pr proj. 3850

Old-English Kimberly 2*M
          dam of Kieran

*B Old-English Kieran daughter:
Old-English Petula
1st freshening yrlg,
2 weeks fresh
*B Old-English Kieran, a very correct young buck, was retained to blend back some older Old-English lines along with some outcross blood.  Shown in 2022, he was 3x GCH, but only 2 legs counted. The Harmony/Kimberly line have extreme style and correctness.  There were no daughters in his first group of kids but the two 1st freshening daughters from 2022 kids are nice.
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