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*B Old-English Kieran
          ADGA Genetics Database
                   DOB: 4/9/20

    SS: +*B Tempo Passa Eleryx
S: *B Starlet Lace Eleryx Junmai
    SD: Starlet Lace Tusk Eysell 3*M 4-07 91 VEEE

    DS: +*B Sartyr Drifter Treviator 5-03 EX91 EEE
D: Old-English Kimberly 2*M 3-02 EX91 EEEE
    2-11 285 3740 114 3.05%BF 91 2.43%Pr

    DD: Old-English Harmony *M
*B Old-English Kieran, a very correct young buck, was retained to blend back some older Old-English lines along with some outcross blood.  The Harmony/Kimberly line have extreme style and correctness and we so look forward to seeing these Kieran kids!
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