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GCH (pend.)Old-English Mariah 8*M
GCH (pend.)Old-English Mariah 8*M
pictured as a 2nd freshening 3 yr old
              ADGA Genetics Database

                    DOB: March 29, 2020

Sire: +*B Sartyr Drifter Treviator  

SS: +*B Noble-Springs WMV Drifter
SSS: +B Windsor-Manor AA Victor
SSD: GCH Noble-Springs AS Dahlia 7*M


SD: SGCH Sartyr Kojack Trevi 7*M 

                4-06 EX 93 EEEE
 2012 ADGA National Champion

             and Best Udder
       2-09  305  3540  93F  94P

SDS++*B Old English Kojack
SDD: SG Sartyr Stand Out Titian 6*M



Dam: Old-English Kristinna 7*M
                 3-03 89 EVEV
2-00 285 2889 98 3.4%BF 84 2.9%Pr

DS: +*B Companeros Titan Korathan 
                         semen available
DSS: *B Vineyard View Titan
DSD: Cisco OEJS Kazana Kokomo 
DSDD:  GCH Cisco CSO Chard Kazana
      2011 and 2015 ADGA National GCH

DD: SGCH Old-English Dianna 6*M 
                      EX92 VEEE
                 3-01 305 3530 139F 102P
    Dam to 2017 ADGA Spotlight Sale buckling
DDD: SGCH Old-English Arianna 5*M
                        EX92 EEEE
     Dam to 1st Place 3 yr old 2015 National Show
     1st Place Dam and Daughter 2015 ADGA Nat'ls
      Dam to 2015 Spotlight Sale doeling
DDS: +*B Des-Ruhigestelle Winnings Ways
DDSD: SGCH des-Ruhigestelle Winseeker 3*M
                2008 ADGA National GCH
DDDD: SGCH Old-English Xstacy 4*M FS EX92 EEEE                Dam to 4 SGCH, 5 SG daughters

      3-01 305 4240 141 3.3%BF 130 3.1%Pr
   2010 - Top Ten #5 milk, #10 butterfat, #2 protein

DDDDD: SGCH Old-English Felicity 3*M 5-04 88 EEEV
DDDDDD: SGCH Old-English Fortuna 2*M EX90 EEEE
DDDDDDD: Old-English Wendy *M FS EX90 VEEE
GCH (pend.)Old-English Mariah pictured as a 2 year old 1st freshener.


1-11 304 3537 125 3.5%BF 107 3.0% Pr

2-10 305 4530 166  3.7%BF 139 3.1%Pr


in progress



2022 2-06 VG89 VEVE (1st FR)

2023 3-02 EX90 VEEE 


2021: shown 2x, 1x 1st, 1x JrCH,

1x 2nd, 1x Res JrCH, 1x Res BJrDIS

2022: shown 10x, 10x 1st, 3x GCH, 2x Res CH, 1x BIS

2023: 1x 1st, 1x GCH, 1x Best of Breed

Mariah is both another outstanding Treviator daughter and the next in one of our strongest doe lines.  She got her dry leg in the summer of 2021 and was 3x GCH and 1x BIS, being undefeated in 2022.  She is strong in all areas of the scorecard and is a pleasure to show.  Her mammary is outstanding from both side and rear views.  Additionally, production is outstanding with a tremendous will to milk into late lactation.  She excels in Dairy Strength, being a sharp, opened ribbed and angular doe while maintaining nice depth and width to her chest, and great width over her loin and rump.  She was bred to Vineyard View Hops and freshened with twin doelings in the Spring of 2023, both are being retained.  1st buckling is reserved for 2024.
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