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SGCH Old-English Brielle 5*M

Pictured as a 4 yr old

ADGA Genetics Database
                            DOB: May 9, 2011


Sire: SG +B Loughlin's Dream Maker's Fox
     SS: SG ++*B Windsor-Manor WMT Dream Maker
     SD: SGCH Loughlin's Shesastonecoldfox
Dam: SGCH Old-English Xstacy 4*M FS EX92 EEEE
          3-01 305 4240 141 3.3%BF 130 3.1%Pr
          2010 - Top Ten #5 milk,  #10 butterfat, #2 protein
     DS: SGCH ++*B Old-English Jack's Son
     DD: SGCH Old-English Felicity 3*M


     1-10 305 2870 91 3.2%BF 82 2.90%Pr
            309 2900 92 3.18%BF 83 2.87%Pr ext.
     2-10 305 2890 103 3.6%BF 82 2.8%Pr
    3-09 305 2420 78 3.23%BF 72 3.0%Pr

     4-10 263 1930 65 3.4%BF 55 2.8%Pr

     5-10 296 2313 99 4.3%BF 71 3.10%

     6-09 305 2522 83 3.3%BF 70 2.8%Pr

     7-10 302 2428 82 3.40%BF 68 2.8%Pr 

Lifetime to date: 2118 17,574 610 BF 507 Pr

     2-00 89 VEEE (highest numerical score for 1st freshening 2-year-old)
     3-01 91 VEEE

     2012 - 1x Jr GCH
     2013 - 3x 1st, 2x GCH, 1x Res CH, 2x BIS
     2015 - shown 3x, 3x 1st


A full younger sister to SGCH Arianna, Brielle certainly did not disappoint us when she freshened. She has her dam's extreme smoothness of blending and style. She has a long, smoothly blended fore udder, nice height and width to the rear udder, a strong medial and very nice teat placement, size and shape. We admire her angularity, her "uphill" look, and are so excited about the Best in Show wins already as a 1st freshening doe! We love Brielle's yearling milker daughter in 2015,  SG Old-English Ellie.  Unfortunately Brielle experienced kidding issues in her 4th lacation which affected the lower milk production that year.  She has recovered since then.  Brielle has wonderful udder texture and a very nice mammary even as an 8 year old.  We couldn't ask for a sweeter disposition, what a pretty old girl. 


       SGCH Old-English Brielle 5*M                                         pictured as a 3 yr old  


       SGCH Old-English Brielle 5*M                                         pictured as a 2 yr old  


       SGCH Old-English Brielle 5*M                                         pictured as a dry yearling  

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