GCH(pend)Old-English Liza 3*M pictured as a 1st freshening 2 yr old
img_8388Liza 2 yr.jpg

ADGA Genetics Database


DOB: March 3, 2019


Sire: *B Bearly Snow Bear  semen available

SS: ++*B Clovertop's Snow Plow

     Sire to 5 SGCH or GCH daughters in 4 herds
SD: SGCH SGCH Willow-Lane Balentine

                      EX93 EEEE

      3rd Place 3 yr old 2015 National Show
SDS: *B Cisco DRL Juliana Mint

DS: SGCH +*B Old-English Finnian

          3-04 EX90 EEEsemen available
DSS: ++*B Old-English Kojack 

                    semen available

        Sire to 2012 ADGA National GCH
DSD: SGCH Old-English Arianna 5*M

                   EX92 EEEE

    Dam to 1st Place 3 yr old 2015 National Show
    1st Place Dam and Daughter 2015 ADGA Nat'ls

DSDD: SGCH Old-English X-Stacy 4*M 

                   EX92 EEEE Top Ten

DSDDD: SGCH Old-English Felicity 3*M 

                       5-04 88 EEEV

DSDDDD: SGCH Old-English Fortuna 2*M   

                           EX90 EEEE

DSDDDDD: The Old-English Wendy *M

                          5-03 EX90 VEEE


Dam: GCH Old-English Hilda 2*M

DD:Old-English Fannie *M 

            3-02 89 VEEV
DS: Companeros Legacy Marius

                  5-04 89 VEV
DDD: CH Old-English Dakota

DDDD: SGCH Old-English Brooklyn 5*M 

                      3-01 91 VEEE

DDDDD: SGCH Old-English X-Stacy 4*M 

                       EX92 EEEE Top Ten

DDDDDD: SGCH Old-English Felicity 3*M 

                              5-04 88 EEEV

DDDDDDD: SGCH Old-English Fortuna 2*M 

                                  EX90 EEEE

DDDDDDDD: The Old-English Wendy *M

                             5-03 EX90 VEEE 

GCH Old-English Hilda 2*M
Dam of Old-English Liza 3*M

2021 2-04 VG86 ++VE (first freshener)

2022 3-06 EX90 +EEE 

2-01 272 2463 98 4.0%BF 74 3.0%Pr 

2-11 183 2409 92 3.82%BF 69 2.86%Pr

                      in progress


2022 - shown 8x, 5x 1st, 3x 2nd, 3x GCH, 2x ResCH, 1x BIS

Liza is a medium sized doe with a lovely mammary system.  It has a more globular shape with smaller teats than her dam.  Like her dam, she has nice width to her loin and rump and is very stylish.