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*B Old-English Dexter


ADGA Genetics Database

DOB: March 26, 2013


Sire: *B Cisco SFT V8 Ca Dreamin' Spotlight Sale buck

Dam: SGCH Old-English X-Stacy 4*M  FS EX92 EEEE

We retained a buckling who was a son of SGCH Old-English X-Stacy by Cal, who was a Spotlight Sale buckling.  Daughters have been nice.  Semen is available.  


                                                                Old-English Findley *M


 ADGA Genetics Database
                                                              DOB: May 20, 2015

2-01 86 VVVV

2017 DHIR:

1-10 242 1569 39 2.5%BF 51 3.3%Pr


A tiny, tiny baby who could pass through hog panels, Findley finally grew into a nice doe with a really nice udder, typical of the Dexter daughters.  We hope her daughters, who are a repeat of the Dexter, then Finnian cross, will be as nice as the lovely Old-English Hedda!


Old-English Jillian 2*M

ADGA Genetics Database
DOB: February 26, 2017


 A very stylish young doe, Jillian, also has quite the mammary system typical of the Old-English Dexter daughters.  She has a very long and smoothly blended fore-udder and a high, wide rear udder.  We also admire her loverly Saanen head. 

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